#1 Web Hosting For Small Businesses In 2019: Honest Review

#hostgator Run Away Fast – Over 2 weeks to transfer a site from within their servers. Optimized Word Press Server has serious issues, no SSL, Code Guard that comes with it doesn’t work, was made to purchase a ‘Baby’ account so that they could add the Static IP and SSL only to be waiting another 2 weeks and still never done. Lost the client. The had the site moved to GoDaddy (no issues) on to a fully configured SSL site in less than an hour. Run away from the #hostgator!!!! It will save you time , money and your sanity. Brian Williams, Isle of Wight UK, It was “wightbalance.co.uk”

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#1 Web Hosting For Small Businesses In 2019. Learn what the best web hosting provider for your small business is in this short and informative video.

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