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    Did all these photographers build these from scratch? I'm guessing they had some program to help them build it. What do these sites use or what would you recommend to use as a base for building a websire? (sports or whatever it may be)

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    Posted at 16:51h, 02 September

    For anyone wondering HOW to create this kind of website, it is done using one of the online website builders out there – 90% built with either wordpress or squarespace. Inside of these two builders you have different "templates" that you can choose from that give you the basic look of the website. From there you tweak to your liking and then create your page layouts. Long term wordpress has more features and better SEO, but short term squarespace is easier. I've worked with and designed on both. Click "read more" for a few examples:

    Here is a website I built with wordpress + prophoto7 and the "free fall" theme: https://hoffmannphotographer.com
    Here is another built with wordpress + tri-o theme: https://tailoredfitphotography.com
    Here is one built on squarespace (not my design): https://www.henry-tieu.com/

    Showit.co is also another new website builder specifically for photographers

    If you like the look of the prophoto7 design, use this code for $20 off prophoto 7 – https://pro.photo?qbr=SHOF2672
    *Disclaimer – I receive a small commission if you use this link – Feel free to purchase whatever theme / service you like!

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    website to show off your photography or help land new gigs/clients? Well, this tutorial will show you STEP-BY-STEP How to Make a Photography Website

  • dynayshiaa dynayshiaa 2
    Posted at 03:32h, 25 December

    website to show off your photography or help land new gigs/clients? Well, this tutorial will show you STEP-BY-STEP How to Make a Photography Website

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