2 of 5: The Mind Sight book’s Website and Seeing Without Eyes

Get’s Your Money ~ Poor Support – I’m writing this today as I’ve been notified that my domains are up for renewal. I do NOT want to renew anything with #Ipage. They sign you up, arrange to take your money, claim they’re “There to Help You,” and for weeks I could not get a return call or email. Put a stop payment on the account, changed cards, and this dubious group still is taking money out for their benefit, not mine. I do not, nor would I every recommend #Ipage. Nick, UK

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To read the full book description and order, visit the book’s site: http://www.LearnMindSight.com
The book is available in paperback and Kindle.
For Sean’s main website with other resources, visit http://www.MindPossible.com
Book stores can order from Ingram via iPage: https://ipage.ingramcontent.com/ipage/li001.jsp
For Sean’s Telekinesis channel, visit @Telekinesis: Mind Possible

Consciousness Exploration with Sean McNamara

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