3 Copy-N-Paste Church Announcement Scripts | Pro Church Daily Ep. #029

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Announcements are the part of most church services that is generally tossed together and presented with very little thought. Brady shares 3 of his go to announcement scripts to help you communicate some common announcement well.

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– Brady’s experience (0:31)
– Welcome (1:09) “Well hey there, welcome to Central today, and thanks so much for spending part of your weekend with us. My name’s Brady, I’m your host, and we’re gonna get things kicked off here in just a moment with the band coming out to lead us in a few songs. The lyrics will be up on the screens so you can sing along and engage in worship however you feel comfortable. After that, one of our pastors will come out to share a great message. And all in all we’ll be here for just about an hour. If you have kids with you, we wanna let you know that we’ve got fantastic kids programming happening throughout the entire service. It’s safe, it’s secure, and most importantly your kids are gonna have a blast. There’s still time to check them in; just head to the big orange wall in the lobby and you can check your kids in there. With all that being said, we’re gonna kick things off here in just a minute. Find your seats if you haven’t already, and we’ll get started shortly.”
– New Visitors (4:18) “If you’re new with us today, we want you to feel at home and know that this is a safe place—and we’re so glad to have you here. For us, church is so much more than just a Sunday service, and we want you to know that there’s a place perfect for you at Central. One of the best ways you can get connected with us is to fill out the blue card in the seat back in front of you. Take that card out sometime during the worship experience and fill out as much information as you feel comfortable sharing. And then, after the service, take that card to the big blue wall in the lobby and we’ll put a small gift in your hands. Just a small token of our appreciation for you being here. And that’s it! Later this week one of our pastors will connect with you. And once again, thanks for being here.”
– Give (6:34) “At this time, I want to invite the hosts to come forward as we give. If you are new with us, don’t feel any obligation to give whatsoever. We’re just so glad you’re here. If you did come prepared to give, there are a number of different ways you can do that. You can place your gift directly in the basket as it comes down your row, you can give via debit or credit card at the big blue wall in the lobby, or you can also give online.”


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  • Rex Meyer
    Posted at 11:19h, 09 February

    Dang Brady people get tackled for Blowing the Shofar at your church? You would not like a Messianic Congregation then, especially mine. We welcome that. Anyway good stuff as always.