3/231/20 COVID-19 Update from Governor Bullock

Tucker Dunlavey –
Save yourself the headache! – As a design/development firm that resells hosting to its clients, I can tell you with confidence that A Small Orange is the worst hosting provider that we have ever used in our 20 years in business. I apologize to the writer of this review for beling so blunt, but clearly you have not spent enough time with this provider to draw a conclusive rating. We had 9 servers with A Small Orange, hosting nearly 300 accounts. All seemed well in the beginning – the server speed was decent, the support ticketing system was responsive, and all in all life was good. The problems began after the acquisition by EIG. Apache and HTTPD crashes were daily occurrences, followed by a very extended outage for nearly two weeks over Christmas 2015. We began moving servers away from A Small Orange in early 2016, but left a few there as to not keep so many eggs in one basket. However service continued to decline. Recently, their support has been outsourced, and the ability to submit a support ticket was removed entirely! There is no support phone number, but merely a ‘live chat’, which in general takes a very long time to connect to an agent, and once it does, it is obvious that this agent is in Pakistan or India – no issues there – however the comprehension of the English language simply isn’t there, and their responses generally take between 4-5 minutes, even for relatively simple requests. What’s more is that after they establish there is an issue with your service, they create a ticket for you, which many times remains open with no response for days. I believe the quickest turnaround for an administrator to respond to a ticket we’ve ever seen was just shy of 48 hours. When issues arise, we are generally left with no ETA, and once the problem has been resolved, no explanation of what occurred. Just this week, they unexpectedly changed our WHM password for one of our machines, which almost seemed to have been done in response to my comment to a support agent regarding our intended migration away from their servers in entirety. When asking the live chat support agent for the WHM password, they questioned why I needed it. First – when you’re a reseller and have 20 client accounts on a server, you need access to WHM to manage those accounts! Second – Why should it matter what I need the WHM password for? Does saying that I need it so that I can use the Transfer Tool to begin my migration away from A Small Orange warrant them to withhold that information? I would think not! Luckily I was able to locate a reset password option from within their cloud command GUI, which, I might add is the ONLY thing I find beneficial about their service. We host the majority of our sites through Known Host now, and have had a wonderful experience so far. Their support is quick, witty, and most importantly, available. There is the ability to submit support tickets and even a live widget for average response time – I believe ours is 2.9 minutes. In short, if you are a hosting provider looking to resell a shared VPS, please heed this warning and go elsewhere. There are many other reputable providers, that are even much less expensive than A Small Orange, too!

Governor Bullock to Host Press Call to Announce New Measures to Provide Relief to Montanans, Ensure Hospitals Remain Open


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