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6 ways to stop spending money and learn how to increase your savings in 2021, frugal living tips to help you save money and live a more frugal life this year. #frugalliving #frugaltips

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Money-saving tips:
Frugal living tips during the pandemic https://youtu.be/MI_FZWaP26Q
20 things I do not buy to save money https://youtu.be/pwBtC3ZPq-0
Benefits of frugal living https://youtu.be/Awd51hq0HUw
How to save on a low-income https://youtu.be/u9c7R912TQM
Money mistakes to avoid in your 20s https://youtu.be/vN7_CXl3tjc

Meal Planning
Meal planning for beginners https://youtu.be/tt0qb60PpPM
Meal planning ideas https://youtu.be/Tp-kb17MIdY

Sides Hustle ideas
Make money during quarantine https://youtu.be/Q5WzNoV5G-8

Positive mindset
Create a positive mindset https://youtu.be/yqoafEz2fvc

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In this channel, I make videos about frugal living, saving money, and debt-free living. I have always been a money-conscious person and it stems from my childhood. I love being frugal and knowing my financial future is taken care of.

Now as I grow older I am more frugal than ever! lol

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This video is for entertainment purposes only. if you are looking for financial advice please consult a financial advisor.

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