8 Difference Between Hostgator And Godaddy

worst company ever – 60 minutes on hold …do not get tempted by their 24

1. Site hosted on hostgator loads faster than hosted on godaddy.
2. HostGator’s response time is better than that of GoDaddy.
3. Godaddy is an excellent domain registrar, but don’t provide great quality when it comes to web hosting services.
4. Hostgator’s uptime is more than that of Godaddy.
5. HostGator’s server performance seems to be  solid, healthy and consistent.
6. Lower number of cancellation of hosting accounts on HostGator than on GoDaddy.
7. Hostgator’s Cpanel is better than godaddy’s own customized control panel.
8. Hostgator Offers 45-Day money back guarantee with no hidden clause.

Patel Vidhu

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