8 Person Raclette Party Grill w/ Faux Wood Case and Cast Iron Grill Plate

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Raclette is extremely versatile and a fantastic way to entertain at home. A great way for family and friends to enjoy an easy, fun and healthy meal together, allowing everyone’s creativity to shine and to discover culinary talents that they never knew they had. Don’t Just Host the Party… Join It!

Originating in Switzerland, raclette (the dish), is one of Switzerland’s best-loved national fares. Its origin dates back hundreds of years, to when shepherds (Swiss cowboys) would move their herds high into the mountains for grazing in the warm summer months. Supplies would be limited to what could be carried and consisted of basics, such as potatoes, flour, perhaps some pickled gherkins, a round of cheese produced from the milk of their beloved cows, and of course, a good Swiss wine. Long, lonely evenings were passed in front of a campfire, and a simple and primitive tradition was born: A wheel of cheese was cut in half and placed on a rock near the fire’s edge. The cheese slowly bubbled and just before dripping into the fire, the wheel was lifted from its perch and scraped onto a waiting plate of potatoes and pickles – the word “Raclette” comes from the French word “racler” meaning “to scrape off”. From these humble origins, the Raclette tradition was born.


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