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P Kenwood , Kent – Almost worse than having no hosting at all. – They’ve always been poor but recently they have become bloody useless. Their mail servers are forever falling over and/or being hacked. My account was hacked and they refused to do anything. They insisted that I changed my passwords even though I’d already done that and within a matter of days they were hacked again. Their customer service is useless. I will be transferring my domain when it comes up for renewal – crap company for uptime reliability.

One year ago, Karim Ladki (along with side kick and adrenalin tester, Matt Thola [MLD]) created an itinerary up the west coast of BC to document the obstacles and hurdles people face when living with limited mobility in our generation.

This video will mark the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY to that tour. This time, we take 15 lucky individuals to tag along for the ride that has turned into 9Lives Adventures Inc.

Another great stepping stone, in a short time period on this earth.

If this video opened up your eyes to the extreme possibility, please support the organization that makes this possible for everyone to experience, and purchase some of our swag today: http://cl143.justhost.com/~livesad1/store/all-products/

All the proceeds go back into helping others take the leap forward, so help become the push!



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