A Conversation with School-Based Program Supervisor on Student Engagement During the Pandemic

Daniel Alberts , Nairobi – Highway robbery – I had set my account to auto renew, and was surprised to find a charge of >$300 a year later. Appalling, and the company was unwilling to reverse the charges. It’s clear that the company’s business model is to take advantage of auto-renew policies, rather than to deliver quality service. Shameful.

For 30 minutes every Thursday in February, we were joined by a different homeless liaison working with students experiencing homelessness in school districts, community programs, and charter schools. The pandemic is forcing schools and personnel to rethink the way they reach and engage these students. Watch our Q&A-style conversation to learn what service providers around the country are doing.

Part II – recorded February 11, 2021, featuring Fallon Stewart, School-Based Program Supervisor, Maslow Project, Oregon.

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