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A2 Hosting – Best WordPress Website – Web Hosting Company – Wichita Falls, TX

Are you looking for the fastest and most reliable WordPress hosting for your WordPress website but you kind of don’t know where to go well I was there too so I wanted to try something really different that has never really been done on
uTube before.

I’ve actually purchased a shared hosting account on all these top providers right here and I’ve tested and watched the performance around 30 days now in this video I’m going to be showing you guys my result of which hosting company performed the fastest and which company performed the slowest. A2 Hosting was the fastest and Hostgator was the worst.

A2 Hosting is the most reliable so the test will have something looks like this right here we’ll first talk about the load speed we’ll talk about server response and Technology level to show you guys which hosting company is performing the best now I’m also going to be doing a live website speed test on all of these domains to show you guys you know truthful accurate results of which hosting company truly is reliable and fast.

I’m also going to be talking about what Google recommends that your website speed should be loading ass before people start to leave so I’ll talk about that coming up before I begin I won’t let you guys know that the links and the coupon code for all these web hosting companies are in the description of this video so be sure to check that out.

I have a pretty good download speed time now what does Google think well. Google recommends that your site should be loading at around 3 seconds anything longer than around 3 seconds on mobile devices they find that 53% of people will leave your website.

I have a very good browser speed time. A2 hosting they’re loading time was blazing fast. A solid hosting company if you guys ask me do I recommend them!! They have a good sale and yeah I would recommend them!!

A2 Hosting will be our first test, let’s go ahead and test our first server so let’s go ahead. A2 Hosting was our first test in a2 hosting now these are the results that I had for in a2 hosting guidance and you know they did have a relatively great load speed and when you look at these graphs right here you can see that they have a consistently high web server to respond time.

A2 Hosting – Best WordPress Website – Web Hosting Company – Wichita Falls, TX

Let’s go ahead now and test this current domain from green geeks calm I like to use them in the past they’re actually pretty decent but a little bit slower than in motion hosting however their consistency is better than in motion hosting so maybe today this loading time might be a little tad longer. I actually have to recommend A2 hosting more.

I’m going to be very honest sycron performed very good. The rate compared to a lot of the other hosting providers and you guys can see right here consistently they have a very low web server to respond time and also right here the browser speed.

A2 Hosting Turbo was just blazing fast like it was it was relatively very very fast to upload the theme took like few seconds other companies which I’ll talk about a little bit they took a little bit longer so if you guys are asking me psych round yes I recommend them probably one of the best hosting providers!!

Next is A2 hosting and a2 hosting prides themselves on being super super fast that’s what they say about you know on wordpress blogs and on other website platforms and are 20 times faster a2 hosting if you guys asked me do I recommend them sure what I think they’re a good company with excellent customer service!!

I have used their 20 times faster thing they got advertised I think it’s like yeah the 20 times faster SSD hosting!! I have been using the A2 Turbo hosting and it this is blazing fast.

Next is Hostgator and so looking at these results this company sucks! There customer service is terrible!! It is not uncommon to wait 45 to 55 minutes.

I am not wrong guys so be sure to check them out A2 turbo hosting is fantastic! If you guys are asking me? Should I switch over to A2 hosting it’s really up to you. I was just kind of tired of all these student blogs out there saying oh this is good click on the link buy it. I recommend A2 hosting so hope you guys enjoyed this test you know I I wanted to be as non-biased possible.

I want to bring you guys accurate truthful results because I know people are very biased and very touchy about their hosting provider but this was a non biased test and I just did this because I want to know for myself which one was truly the fastest and which company really performs the best? A2 Hosting is my choice! Cheers!!

A2 Hosting – Best WordPress Website – Web Hosting Company – Wichita Falls, TX



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