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John LaFosse , Jay, Maine www.koluskomtustudios.com – The worst hosting provider, I’ve ever dealt with. – I was sent to Just host against my will by supergreenhosting. So, the interface looked the same but wow, different service. They outsource their domain registry to PipeDNS and then decided to add domain registry to their hosting panel. Two registery services on one panel. Kinda weird but, I was like they must have reasons. So, I registered a third domain after going thru pipeDNS whom they instructed me to register with. Well, its a week later 5 customer service people two credit card transactions, and no product. I was sent to just hosting billing whom doesn’t have the invoice, logged in, was redirected to another billing service thru supergreenhosting to see that I wasn’t charged. Shell game. I suggested that it be resolved or they will lose my business and they sent me a cancelation notice. A week to register a domain. Would you enter in your passwords with 2 different providers without being consulted on the switch. Big thumbs down on this one. Now, waiting a month for the statement with the hopes my identity wasn’t taken. Talked on the phone with #Justhost this morning and they couldn’t do anything nor had any means of resolution because too many companies were involved. They should be shut down.

Top 22 Alternatives of A2Hosting.com

22. Bluehost
21. Arvixe.com
20. HostGator
19. Godaddy
18. InMotion Hosting
17. DreamHost
16. MDDHosting
15. StableHost
14. HostMonster
13. JustHost.com

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Top 22 Alternatives of A2Hosting.com

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