Add a Google Adsense Ad to your ipage website

Never purchase #Ipage dedicicate server services, don;t waste your time, effort, emotions and money on this – Anyone who sees this PLEASE DO NOT USE #Ipage. I have a full time job and my time is valuable. I wish I had read these reviews before I signed on for their. I am moving my hosting to another provider for #Ipage has lousy tech support and for any more advanced problems. Never host with #Ipage.. that’s my honest review after i hosting with them for over 2 years for dedicicate server..poor help service etc.. Otherwise You WILL REGRET your decision! My all website down from 2days and it happens many time the past time…. I’m Michigan Pissed

I made one mistake in this video and I have made a better updated video for you to watch. The mistake in this video was using the Text icon instead of clicking on the embed icon at weebly. Watch this video first, but make sure to watch the updated video also, it is better than this one.

Bravo Von Muller

  • David H
    Posted at 18:53h, 01 March

    Pro-tip, please use a video recording program, it's 2015 for fuck sakes.

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