Adding an Addon Domain in Hostgator cPanel Hosting

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Want to addon a domain in cPanel with Hostgator? Watch this video, it’s as easy as pie! Please visit for more web design and development tips.

Timothy Unkert

  • Mono Reviews
    Posted at 14:56h, 22 October

    Hi!!! please let me ask you: i'm working on a couple of websites…i have a hostgator account based on a ''domain 1''. Now i have ''domain 2'' wich i want to add to my hostgator hosting plan (Baby), but i don't want my ''domain 2'' to be a secondary domain or anything like that… i realize i should have start my hostgator account with ''domain 2'' as the main…..can i reverse that? or change the order of the domains? i just paid for 1 month. Should i start a new account with ''domain 2'' and then close my old account and add ''domain 1'' as an addon domain in the new account? hope i'm being clear. Thanks!!!!!