Additional Stations in HD & Getting KEYL!

Users beware – The initial price was enticing enough for me to give them a try. After the year was up I decided to not renew my domain hosting and had canceled the credit card that I initially signed up with. Somehow they were able to renew my account off of the canceled card and the price went from $80 to over $300. I immediately disputed these charges with my Credit card company and #Ipage contested my dispute by telling the card company that in their terms of service it gives them the right to automatically renew the service. I then contacted #Ipage and was told that since I had contested the charge and 30 days had past since the date of renewal they would cancel my service but I would not receive a credit for the $332 that was billed on my card. I asked the rep what that $332 was for and he told me he didn’t know because he wasn’t able to look it up on his screen. I refiled my dispute with the credit card company and I’m pretty sure I’ll win but I’ll never use #Ipage again. Alan Christensen, Mayfield, KY

Recieved know, KQQL, Kmnb, klci and almost Ktis in hd (all fringe except for KQQL which is distant) and Keyl (also fringe). Also 89.5 is k208dv it’s a Christian network of translators I think but must be fed through the internet or something cuz it seems to be silent alot

Trent Hinkemeyer

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