AI & ML Hackathon | Day-1

Luca Bernardini , Rome, Itsly – The Worst hosting ever – They said Unlimited GB’s of Space and unlimited bandwidth but it’s absolutely not true. They have deactivated my account suddenly without contact me before causing me a lot of problem. I’ve lost a lot of customer after this. Move to another hosting as fast as you can!!

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What you will Learn?
DAY – 1 Overview of this course | Introduction to AI | How to create basic AI application (Chat bot using DialogFlow)
DAY – 2 How to install Python & Libraries | Basics of python Programming for AI.


DAY – 3 Introduction to Computer Vision| How to install computer vision libraries
DAY – 4 Moving Object Detection and tracking using OpenCV
DAY – 5 Face Detection and Tracking using OpenCV
DAY – 6 Object Tracking based on color using OpenCV
DAY – 7 Face Recognition using OpenCV
DAY – 8 Face Emotion recognition using 68-Landmark Predictor OpenCV


DAY – 9 Introduction to Deep learning | How to install DL libraries
DAY – 10 Designing your First Neural Network
DAY – 11 Object recognition from Pre-trained model
DAY – 12 Image classification using Convolutional Neural Network
DAY – 13 Hand gesture recognition using Deep Learning
DAY – 14 Leaf disease detection using Deep Learning
DAY – 15 Character recognition using Convolutional Neural Network
DAY – 16 Label reading using Optical Character recognition
DAY – 17 Smart Attendance system using Deep Learning
DAY – 18 Vehicle detection using Deep Learning
DAY – 19 License plate recognition using Deep Learning
DAY – 20 Drowsiness detection using Deep Learning
DAY – 21 Road sign recognition using Deep Learning


DAY – 22 Introduction to Machine learning| How to install ML libraries
DAY – 23 Evaluating and Deploying the various ML model
DAY – 24 Fake news detection using ML
DAY – 25 AI snake game design using ML

DAY – 26 Introduction to NLP & it’s Terminology | How to install NLP Libraries NLTK
DAY – 27 Title Formation from the paragraph design using NLP
DAY – 28 Speech emotion analysis using NLP


DAY – 29 Cloud-based AI, Object recognition using Amazon Web Service (AWS) & Imagga
DAY – 30 Deploying AI application in Raspberry Pi with Neural Compute stick & Nvidia Jetson Nano

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