ALAGO Webinars – Digital Transformation with Gustavo Robichez

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8th Webinar Digital Transformation
“Digital Transformation in Geosciences: Challenges, Technologies and Opportunities”

Speaker: Gustavo Robichez (PUC-Rio)
Mediator: Fernando Pellon (Petrobras)

The oil and gas industry is in constant development, either by discovering new frontiers exploratory, either by the scientific contributions they provide an environment with greater speed and confidence of information. Fundamental according to the technologies applied to interpretation and treatment of the growing volume of data generated by research. These challenges represent the solution in technology, methodologies, and practices that are universally applied within the scope of Digital Transformation This lecture will present lessons learned from digital transformation projects in Geosciences, highlighting the relative importance of the combination of technologies, people, data, and processes in Geosciences.

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