Am I Good Enough to Charge for Web Design?

Incredibly lax security – Started to sign up, but stopped immediately when I was asked to select an account password. Requirement is an all-numeric password, up to 8-digits. This is ridiculous. Complex passwords should be a REQUIREMENT, not DISALLOWED. For those who don’t know, all-numeric passwords, especially short ones, are easiest to attack. If your web site is compromised, it can be used to distribute malware, defame your reputation, promote other organizations, and more, all without your knowledge. No way I’d host my business’s web site on this provider!

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In this video, we’ll discuss whether you have what it takes to charge for web design and make money with your WordPress skills.

Making the transition to web design freelancing is not an easy step, and you will experience doubts about whether you will be able to deliver for a client project.

I don’t think you need high-level web design skills to charge for your services, and you’ll find out why!

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Ray DelVecchio

  • EniGmA
    Posted at 18:03h, 25 March

    Totally appreciate the advise. I'm gonna take the plunge into freelance web design and development with the knowledge I've gained since the past 2 months.

    We gotta begin somewhere.. 😆

  • Filip
    Posted at 19:04h, 25 March

    Hi Ray, I've watched so many of your videos. Learned so much. I appreciate you sharing all this. I have one question, have you ever thought about selling mobile apps? The clients are similar and we can charge literally one more zero compared to websites. I have a team of developers and designers from Europe but we are looking for someone to collaborate to find the right clients.