Amazon Prime – Amazon Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

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Amazon Prime – Amazon Affiliate Marketing For Beginners
Amazon Prime – Amazon Affiliate Marketing For Beginners
amazon affiliate marketing for beginners


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amazon affiliate program:

affiliate marketing is one of the best and easiest ways to make money online, even for beginners.
simply because you don’t have to create the product or deliver it, you just have to promote it.

what is affiliate marketing ?
affiliate marketing is about promoting somebody else’s product or service and earning a commission for the sales.

how does affiliate marketing work ?

the promotion is done through the affiliate links that you can use on your website, on your facebook page, on your blog…
if someone clicks on those links and then buys the product, you earn a commission.
the best way to start with affiliate marekting is by creating a niche website. in the video i show a few affiliate marketing niche wesite examples to prove how simple it is actually.

how to create an amazon affiliate marketing website ?

-choose a product to promote on amazon, possibly expensive so the commission is bigger.
make sure it’s a quality product and the reviews are positive.

-register your domain name and choose an hosting plan.
i recommend using hostgator (link above) and using the “baby” plan.

-install wordpress: log in to hostgator and go to the hosting section and click “launch quick install”.

-once you installed wordpress you have to choose a theme (how your website looks like) and start publishing reviews (on the side bar click on pages and “add new”) of the products that you want to promote including the affiliate links.

amazon affiliate marketing for dummies
here’s the video:

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