Andre Ingram RETURNS! Lakers Offense Highlights from 2017-18 NBA Season!

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House of Highlights

  • HsuPremë _
    Posted at 20:04h, 14 March

    Like if the Lakers should retire Andre ingrams number

  • Ethan Hays
    Posted at 20:06h, 14 March

    that dude shot look weird af but shit works for him lol

  • Dr. Phil’s Successor
    Posted at 20:19h, 14 March

    Old news

  • RonV350z
    Posted at 20:48h, 14 March

    Wow its sad how 2k made Andre Ingram a 67 overall and on the game It dont even look like him either

  • Edward Carolius Røvik Robinson
    Posted at 21:13h, 14 March


  • KingIvan 23
    Posted at 21:43h, 14 March

    Still wish we had these jerseys

  • Kakashi_BBaller
    Posted at 21:51h, 14 March

    His shot is wet tho

  • jcbmadeit
    Posted at 22:31h, 14 March

    "Better than his sister Brandon ingram"

  • Zaybo2lb
    Posted at 23:01h, 14 March

    Why he hit the 2k jumpshot landing??

  • Huh !
    Posted at 23:08h, 14 March

    This man get an animation on every shot😂😂😂

  • Josh Teaño
    Posted at 23:54h, 14 March

    Better than brandon

  • Josh Teaño
    Posted at 23:55h, 14 March

    Brandon Igoudala

  • Russell Westbrook
    Posted at 00:01h, 15 March

    He should play wit Sacramento

  • Not_ Jc
    Posted at 01:20h, 15 March

    I’ve been waiting for him to come back!! He’s better than lebron at this point

  • A. Villares
    Posted at 01:22h, 15 March

    He got that curry shot

  • Joseph Camara
    Posted at 01:30h, 15 March

    Sign this man

  • Yung Salu NFG
    Posted at 01:34h, 15 March

    OKC do your job… If the Lakers can't apreciate the quality of this man, OKC will

  • Dillon Sears
    Posted at 01:43h, 15 March

    The lakers are wack for not giving him a real contract

  • Yoshi SBX
    Posted at 02:02h, 15 March

    Should’ve passed him the hammer in Infinity Wars.

  • thiru dan
    Posted at 03:21h, 15 March

    I am hoping for Ingramsanity! He is a class act overachiever as an academic professional, but he has yet to make his defining mark in the NBA as he been in the G League for ten years!

  • Big Money BDA
    Posted at 03:30h, 15 March

    He has that greenlight jumpshot

  • Peter
    Posted at 04:00h, 15 March

    Trigger like a hair pin.

  • Famous Dexter's Dad
    Posted at 04:33h, 15 March

    So are these highlights from the 17-18 season or 18-19 because the title and thumbnail say two different things

  • Hideotic
    Posted at 07:25h, 15 March

    He got that jumpshot 54

  • Miguelito MG
    Posted at 11:46h, 15 March

    He per diem

  • Jamaal James
    Posted at 11:54h, 15 March

    Oh shoot the cobra strike is back

  • Classroom of Life
    Posted at 16:40h, 15 March

    Gray Mamba at it again.

  • james luis
    Posted at 16:57h, 15 March

    Thid dude is full of dedication.

  • Ballers In The Making
    Posted at 02:34h, 16 March

    Look at this kid drop buckets

  • slsriflecruman87
    Posted at 05:22h, 16 March

    Lakers needed a shooter all season 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • TheAce King
    Posted at 09:59h, 16 March

    Should have signed him to a max contract over Lebron

  • Aaron Gordon
    Posted at 18:08h, 17 March

    Better shooter than bolluck and Muscala

  • Jose
    Posted at 19:57h, 17 March

    Everytime I watch this he give me the chills tho 🔥 lakers been needin him

  • Amin Brown
    Posted at 01:22h, 18 March

    He playing better than LeBron

  • King DnD
    Posted at 08:19h, 20 March

    His dedication is amazing

  • Juan Plus
    Posted at 08:51h, 20 March

    Kobe in disguise!