Are your SecOps tools integrated?

mohammedimran , uk – website been hacked and down – i have paid over $250.00 for a vps account and my website has been hacked. they said to me i have to clean the with clamav some virus software. when i did install it in my whm the icon was not visable in my cpanel under advance. they then said to me “I am sorry but we have already given the instructions on how to set up and configure clamav. We do not support clamav beyond that, and you will need to figure out the rest.” when it says in my whm it is installed. i trusted #Justhost because i thought my website and hosting is safe and secure, they then said u should of bought some security crap.

Join me as we learn together the importance of using integrated tools in security operations.
Special thanks to Mark Simos at Microsoft who created these slides! You can download this slide from the Microsoft Cybersecurity Reference Architecture:

Some good additional reading I recommend:

More information on Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) in Azure Sentinel Р

For more information on Microsoft 365 Defender integration with Azure Sentinel, see

More information on AutoIR in Microsoft 365 Defender –

Matt Soseman

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