What does #Ipage really think??!!! – I renewed my service for another two years and it shows I only need to pay 33.98 dollars. I checked out with the exact amount 33.98 dollars. they emailed me with the bill with exactly same amount of 33.98 BUT when I checked my bank account they have been deducted another 155 dollars!!!!! I cannot believe this! I canceled the service and they refunded me back but isn’t this stealing??? Deo, California

The city of Atlanta has so many great events taking place, that it is hard to keep up with all that is going on. On August 4th, I just happened to be running on the Beltline when I noticed that there were hot air balloons in Piedmont Park. I had not intended on making a video for this particular event, but used my phone (Samsung S10) to shoot video that I thought would be usable in future videos. I also had a great contribution of a local drone flyer, who literally was a person I just walked up to and asked if he would share his footage. I decided to put together this short video to encourage people to attend a future Balloon Glow, and what they can expect if they attend. This is a great family activity and definately a reasonable value for the experience.

The Atlanta Balloon Glow ran from August 1-4, and provides tethered rides to passengers for 20 per person if one books ahead. The event is advertised locally and on Facebook. Tickets were provided through Eventbrite, and below is a link to the event description:

The organizer of the event is Midflo, and their website is:

Josh Cohn