August Action Planning Webinar for Leaders 2020 Happy 64TH!

Farhad – worse 3 years service i have ever meet – I use #Justhost hosting for a 3 years for my sites and i bring them more than 100 users. and all i get for this price which raised for 250% and daily problems with hosting. Every week couple times its downs. And they close sites without any notification. All the reason they say i have too big database which weight 3mb.3mb? is too big? WTF? and all the help that they give it is advise to delete some tables form database..shortly..never buy this hosting.

An Empower Hour for Leaders to get ready for the month of August! Set goals, plan for ACTION & let’s keep on growing! Grab your notebook & plan your hours & events for your TEAM!

Jackie Geisinger

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