Automate Instagram Posts with Python and Instagram Graph API

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Automate Instagram Posts with Python and Instagram Graph API
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Automate Facebook Posts with Facebook Graph API

Get a Domain online from domains

Get a VPS, droplet from Digital Ocean

Facebook Developers page – where you create an app

Instagram Graph API Documentation

AccessTokens Documentation

Python IMGKit Library

Python scheduling library


Video Timestamps:
00:04:55 Lecture agenda, going through all the steps we are going to cover in this video
00:10:22 Connecting your facebook page to an instagram account, how to convert your instagram page to a business page for the API to wok
00:21:20 Generate your access tokens from the Graph API explorer to use in the code with instagram permissions
00:22:22 Instagram graph API documentation
00:24:32 Get your instagram graph API user ID that you will need to make API requests
00:28:07 Instagram graph API content publishing documentation, send an image to your instagram page using postman. Details about the instagram API two stage process for publishing content
00:43:24 Creating image content to post to your instagram page. Get a template from envato elements and add text programatically with python and host the image on a http server
00:44:57 Search for instagram post templates on envato elements
00:56:16 Go through the python code for creating images with text from html
01:16:19 Go through python code for posting and image on instagram with everything we have learned so far

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