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Be warned! There are fake reviews on other websites, – I just bought this 3 days ago and it is awful! I was fooled by the reviews on the other websites which were clearly entered by non-existence customers! Google marked my website as unsecured and exposed/ shared contents with others; whereas I paid for server security! The website keeps crashing with server error thereby greatly affecting my buisness! Dont belivevthe fake reviews, not real. I hope this gets posted. And their instant chat is crap, no one coming up since one hour during buisness hours. pius Kipyego, kenya,

Produksi Audiokuliah47-AK47

*Perkara Pertama Allah Akan Tanya Di Mahsyar Adalah SOLAT
*Tidak Allah Jadikan Jin Dan Manusia Kecuali Hanya Untuk Beribadah Kepada Nya

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Produksi Audiokuliah47 – AK47


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