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Welcome to the vlog, where baby’s on the move!

I hope you enjoy watching inshaAllah πŸ™‚

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Shamsa Vlogs

  • Lin McDonnell-Wilson
    Posted at 20:06h, 13 December

    Luvly vid shamsa! Little man will be in2 everything soon. Arghhh!! Huge love. Lxx

  • Khadija Nassor
    Posted at 20:06h, 13 December

    MashaAllah what a step ahead sooner or later he's goner walk lu from Mombasa kenya

  • O ain O
    Posted at 20:11h, 13 December

    9:30 – "This water needs changing, this poor plant is dying… but the flowers look really pretty so…

    I'll wait till its really dead"

    Hahaha! Youre hilarious lol! πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

  • Saadiya Hussain
    Posted at 20:20h, 13 December

    Your son is so cute mashallah

  • amber C
    Posted at 20:28h, 13 December

    Salaam sis
    I'm glad to have a bit of me time and watch your video…it's not easy with kids…great vlog as usual .. 😁😘😘😘 x

  • Someena Hussain
    Posted at 20:30h, 13 December

    Ma sha Allah, Ma sha Allah. X

  • Muhammad Moheez
    Posted at 20:34h, 13 December

    Ata patala kar diya

  • Hollie Ford
    Posted at 20:34h, 13 December

    He is so cute. Does he look more your side then akeels

  • Bisharo Abdi
    Posted at 20:46h, 13 December

    May Allah bless your baby and all of your family Amiin ya Allah

  • Amina Jane Ishaq
    Posted at 20:50h, 13 December

    I make my husband chapattis every day, it’s so repetitive, I don’t even eat them (I’m a rice lover)! We constantly have a huge bag of atta on the go. We also now have a large bag of rice too….my kitchen is turning into a desi kitchen (apparently I’m a desi wife too now).

  • Sgh 17
    Posted at 21:10h, 13 December

    I love your personality! Thanks for all your efforts.

  • Zahra Qauomi
    Posted at 21:14h, 13 December

    Salaam sis and I am so happy to see your video again. Keep going inshallah and Allah protect you guy's from nazar, ameen. πŸ’•πŸ’–πŸ’•

  • flowergirl xx
    Posted at 21:32h, 13 December

    Mashallah May Allah protect you & your family from evil eyes Ameen ❀️

  • cheekykitten25
    Posted at 21:34h, 13 December

    Hello Shamsa πŸ‘‹πŸΌ need to try that atta out, I don’t make chapatis a lot either but I use hot boiled water to make the dough. I tried with cold water and found it goes slimy. Anyways 😹 mA so nice to see baby Ayub growing πŸ‘ΆπŸΌπŸ’™

  • Biba Louis
    Posted at 21:37h, 13 December

    Masha’a Allah , Masha’a Allah. Love u sister and love ur family. X

  • Aliya Abbas
    Posted at 21:44h, 13 December

    Ma 'sha Allah … 4 baby Ayyub for crawling n his first tooth πŸ˜™

  • Jekaterina Gremitskiha
    Posted at 21:46h, 13 December

    Assalamu u do yr shopping in Asian superstores like world foods etc?if yes could u plz record what do u get from there?

  • Kingu 11
    Posted at 22:00h, 13 December

    Salaam Shamsa, Can I ask you is the mince from asda or a meatshop? Is it lamb mutton or beef? I am asking because sometimes I found little hard pieces in mince which are not pleasant especially in a burger(..)
    I dont know is it a bone or joint or just a harder tissue I should cook longer but want to avoid it-thats why I'm plaing meat detective πŸ˜›

  • Aminah Chahin
    Posted at 22:04h, 13 December

    Masha allah lovely video may allah swt bless you and your beautiful family ameen xxx

  • Rukhsana Hussain
    Posted at 22:10h, 13 December

    Put some copper coins in your vase of flowers they’ll last longer xx

  • 7861hotcakes
    Posted at 22:24h, 13 December

    How much water did u use altogether

    Posted at 22:39h, 13 December

    Mashallah. u go boy.

  • Shehnaz Hussain
    Posted at 23:08h, 13 December

    Mashallah Ayub is shoo cute.πŸ’•

  • Quendarius Byrd
    Posted at 23:30h, 13 December

    I like the instrumental beat that starts playing at the beginning of the video πŸ”₯😎

  • Shazia Qureshi
    Posted at 23:51h, 13 December

    Awwwww soooo cute 🌹❀️

  • Smira Naz
    Posted at 00:22h, 14 December

    Loving the regular vlogs 😍 subscribed to ur sis inlaws channel baby ayub 😍

  • Tzivia Margolis
    Posted at 00:35h, 14 December


  • Smira Naz
    Posted at 00:37h, 14 December

    Sis i buy few packs of flour when its on offer x

  • Nafeesa Hussain
    Posted at 00:42h, 14 December

    Love it when u say "marreh" proper mirpuri .

  • fats12694
    Posted at 00:44h, 14 December

    Shamsa, tesco chapati flour is amazing. By far the best compared to the others. Price wise you can get it very cheap when it comes on offer. Just a suggestion for next time you need some atta

  • Hana Hawa
    Posted at 02:22h, 14 December

    Ma Sha Allah, watching baby Ayuub rolling around was the highlight of the vlog. πŸ’ž

  • Shameen Begum
    Posted at 02:42h, 14 December

    Baby teeth such cutie bless him soon he have full set πŸ€—

  • Asma Ali
    Posted at 03:37h, 14 December

    Asalamalikum warehmatullahi wabarakatahu
    MashaAllah Mubarak for the first tooth of baby Ayub😘
    May Allah bless u n ur family

  • Zaynah Ali
    Posted at 04:02h, 14 December

    Cute Mr Ayyub 😘😘😘 love when he’s on the floor kicking nd paying

  • Ash Begum
    Posted at 07:30h, 14 December

    Salaaam sis once you have done the Attah let it sit for at least few hours that will make ur roti softer and fluffier no matter what attah u use … 😘

  • Javed iqbal
    Posted at 08:44h, 14 December


  • Shabana Mumtaz
    Posted at 13:21h, 14 December

    Salaam sister try asda table cloth its also wipe clean and they have nice designs aswell and same price

  • Easycookwithme
    Posted at 13:26h, 14 December

    thank you so much for sharing my channel with your audience! i really appreciate it πŸ™‚ Its no where as good as you made it sound but i am working on it.

  • safina nasa
    Posted at 13:28h, 14 December

    I've subscribed to ur sister in lows channel.

  • M Mr
    Posted at 17:54h, 14 December

    I can't wait for my baby. I can hear baby tv in the background lol

  • M Mr
    Posted at 17:55h, 14 December

    Your baby is so cute ma shaa Allah

  • Maryuma Hayati
    Posted at 21:54h, 14 December

    Please can we have a house tour 😬
    Jazkallah kher ukhty

  • mjkingofmusic
    Posted at 21:55h, 14 December

    Aw Mashallah. Love you Shamsa, your videos always put me in a good mood. May God bless you & your family

  • Green Ninja
    Posted at 00:27h, 15 December

    He looks like DJ Khalids son Asad

  • Dee Rogerson
    Posted at 14:58h, 15 December


  • Nadia Ahmed
    Posted at 23:04h, 15 December

    Hey, I was going to buy that atta but I thought it's brown is it white,medium or dark?

  • Yazz Beauty
    Posted at 20:35h, 17 December

    Aw baby ❀️