Badlion News #4 – Badlion Client 1 7 Support, Season 12 ELO is Back, KarliXon BAC Banned & More!

Jason , USA – This is not the web host/resell service you are looking for. – Customer service is horrendous. I have moved to a different provider. I still have support tickets that are over two months old that cs has responded to but not followed through with. The ticket system is flawed. I moved all of my domains from this provider. Due to ineptness by cs, I still can not log in to the main #Justhost site because my couple month password issue still hasn’t been resolved. Luckily, I can still access cpanel and WHM. Good luck if you are stuck with #Justhost.

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In the description you can find the pack I’m using, songs in the video and my setup gear

Welcome back to another video on my channel! This time I will be uploading another episode of the Badlion News, since Koaloo’s channel wasn’t getting enough views he decided to let me upload these instead – Hosting – Minecraft, Teamspeak, Linux VPS, Websites, SA-MP, MTA, Counter-strike 1.6, Ventrilo, teamspeak servers, web shoutcast radio.

My Setup Stuff:
Mouse: Razer Abyssus 1800 DPI
Keyboard: E-Blue Cobra Gaming Keyboard
Headset: Speedlink Xanthos
Monitor: AOC G2460PF (highly recommend it, cheap and great)

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I do not own the music used in my videos.

Frequently asked questions
IGN(s): KarliXon and KarliXonNA are the only accounts I own with the name KarliXon in it. I am NOT KarliXonEU or PuppyliXon anymore
Fov: 74
Age: 16
Nationality: Croatian
Resolution: 1920×1080
DPI and Sens: 1000 DPI, 123% ingame sens
Ping to Badlion:
EU – around 30ms since host change
NA – 130ms



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