Bay Area Restaurants Change New Year's Eve Plans Amid COVID Cases Surge

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With New Year’s Eve approaching, some bars and restaurants aren’t taking their chances and went ahead and refunded guests their money, while others are forging ahead with Friday’s celebration. Melissa Colorado reports.

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NBC Bay Area

  • Moon Peach
    Posted at 03:03h, 31 December

    One FREE CRISPY CREME peasents 🍩..get it now with 4th jabaroo 😷💉💉💉💉😀👍

    Posted at 03:22h, 31 December

    basically forced by fear and oppression. this is EXACTLY what the leftist liberal demoRATS want. the collapse of society is happening day by day.

  • Dwn2Race
    Posted at 05:32h, 31 December

    Can’t wait to see Photos and Videos of Newsom and Breed without Masks etc etc…..

  • Eric x
    Posted at 06:02h, 31 December

    So dumb. Stop trying to restrict us. Omicron is widely known and proven to be not as virulent and less so if you’re vaccinated. The media is trying to make mountains out of a mole hill for ratings.

  • Artie
    Posted at 00:45h, 01 January

    Show your papers, heil Newsom.