Benny & Jolene

Mark , Ontario Canada – should be named Just Bost – Terrible customer service with the logic of a door knob! Outrageous terms of service which is pre-checked when you sign up so you don’t even get a chance to check that you’ve read it. Frequent down time, sometimes for hours. Cancelled my service and got shafted for the balance of refund. You have been warned. Keep away…

Jamie Adams’ feature debut stars Craig Roberts (Submarine) and Charlotte Ritchie (Fresh Meat) as an up and coming folk duo. 19 year old Jolene is having trouble convincing her writing partner Benny to become more commercial. Too many industry types get involved, leaving Jolene feeling dazed and confused and Benny marginalised. While on a crowded tour bus on their way to a festival in one of the most beautiful, yet remote locations, they are forced to confront their ambitions and emotions for the first time. Can they both get back to where they once belonged and move forward together, or will all be lost in the noise and confusion?


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