Best Black Friday Web Hosting Deals 2018

s. karshis , USA – I thought Godaddy was the worst – I’ve spent hours on the phone/chat with support with these guys to get a basic shared hosts running. They came recommended so I tried one customer and they messed up the account requiring I re-register. Ok, no big deal… I’ll try them again. Current website (basic Joomla install) first had a mysql server that kept filling up. I had to walk 2 tech support people through the solution (clearing logs on the server – which of course I don’t have access to). Now I’m getting 504 and 503 errors along with my customers calling saying the site is down. Just host support is insisting the site is fine. At least Godaddy generally owns it when there are problems. I think first level #Justhost support is told to do everything possible to blame the customer till – HOURS latter, you get someone who partially knows what they are doing and only then do they sometimes understand enough to help.

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Best Black Friday Web Hosting Deals 2018: To get web hosting at an unbelievable price. Last year Hosting companies offered up to 90% discounts on Black Friday. This year also offering the best hosting deals with greatest discounts.

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1. Hostgator:
2. Name Cheap:
3. Host Winds:
4. Site Ground:
5. Hostinger:
6. Just Host:
7. iPage:
8. A2 Hosting:
9. BlueHost:



Black Friday Deals

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