Best Web Hosting Award 2010: iPage Hosting – Best Overall Value

Tech Support is a Joke – I sat on hold for the chat feature for over an hour. When I finally got a person and explained my problem, he pasted in a link to an article. That I’d read first thing and tried already. Then, each time I’d make a comment, it took him an average of 7 minutes to respond, usually with a “please hold for 3-4 minutes.” He took 7-11 minutes to get back to me each time. This is not the only time this has happened – this is my normal experience with #Ipage technical support. It’s beyond frustrating, and why I’m moving hosting companies. S K, London, UK

Congratulations, iPage! You guys earned our award because you understand that customers ARE your business and taking care of customers is the #1 priority.

Started in 1998, and now hosting nearly 2 million websites, iPage has grown to become one of the biggest, most profitable web hosting companies. Why? Because they GET it. They understand that to scale that big, they need to focus on making sure customers get what they need. Otherwise they’d have died off from chargebacks and complaints years ago.

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