Blonde Paraplegic Bungee Jump- ORIGINAL 9LIVES FOOTI

Unhappy Customer , NU – Don’t use them – They have the worst support ever!

On our website, our featured feline, Christnie aka LynX, comments: “Im dying to try bungee jumping”. In this clip, she gets an opportunity to do exactly that as we set her up with an opportunity to tick it off the bucket list!

If this video opened up your eyes to the extreme possibility, please support the organization that makes this possible for everyone to experience, and purchase some of their swag today:

All the proceeds go back into helping others take the leap forward, so help become the push!


  • Gragham77
    Posted at 17:39h, 24 March

    Holy friggin moly, I'm not quite sure I want to try this particular challenge… Thankfully I still have more than enough time to think it over. *grin*
    Awesome jump, awesome chick. Go 9Lives wildcats!