Bluehost Standard Package or Optimized for WordPress?

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Here’s an answer to a question we received from Nathan K.

Hi, Mike here with 15Minute I got a question today from Nathan K. He had been watching our video on how to install WordPress on a Bluehost Webhosting package. He said:

“Great video. I do have one question though. What’s the difference from what you’ve shown in the video to the optimized hosting for WordPress feature offered by Bluehost? I saw there’s a large price difference but wasn’t sure what to purchase just starting out.”

Great question Nathan. It’s one of those questions I’m glad that you asked because there is a huge price difference. Typically you can get the regular hosting package for right around $4.00/month or this new one which looks like it’s about $12.50/month.

For something like this it’s optimized webhosting for WordPress and I believe it comes with WordPress already installed on it. With that said, I personally have not used it but have used other services like it.

They are designed specifically to run WordPress. They run a little bit faster usually. You can’t install as many site on one hosting package. I believe on the WordPress Optimized Hosting Package, I think it’s five. But like I said I don’t know a ton about that specific one.

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