Bluehost to SiteGround Migration – Free Plugin Migration 2020

#bluehost — Unscrupulous and Deceitful people. Tried to bill my credit card for a service I did not subscribe to, without my authorization, and without my knowledge. Threatened to interrupt my web-based business. Billing department is unfriendly. Intolerable behaviour from a service provider. Moving my domain today. Recommend that potential customers be highly suspicious of #bluehost.

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Easily use the SiteGround migrator plugin to migrate hosting from your old host like Bluehost (or any host will work) to SiteGround. This is the best way to migrate hosting to SiteGround if you buy a StartUp plan, or if you want to migrate additional websites.

Steps Covered Here:

1. Get hosting and setup domain at SiteGround
2. Setup an empty website
3. Generate a migration token in Site Tools
4. Install SG migrator plugin on old website and paste in the plugin to start migration
5. Check for errors
6. Chang nameservers
7. Get rid of old host

If you want to do a Professional Migration instead where basically SiteGround will do steps 2-5 for you, then you’ll need at least a GrowBig plan. If you want to do that go here:

Enjoy, let me know any questions below as you migrate WordPress to SiteGround!

Greg Narayan

  • Dear Traveler
    Posted at 14:01h, 29 September

    So useful! Seriously, the most underrated blog helper on YouTube. Btw, you have a great radio voice😎very easy to listen to.

  • Карина Попова
    Posted at 14:14h, 29 September

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  • Dana Berez
    Posted at 17:36h, 30 October

    I have completed all the steps, now I am waiting for it fully transfer. Do I then "cancel" Bluehost? How do you do that? remove credit card?

  • Karleen Kuisne Grub
    Posted at 22:57h, 11 December

    very help video thank you

  • Trevor Malcolm
    Posted at 15:06h, 02 February

    Hi greg, just a question. I am using Local, and i am trying t upload it to my Siteground space but I'm getting the following message "Can not connect to SiteGround WP-migrator plugin at HTTP:" any idea? thanks