Bluehost vs Hostgator and Dreamhost [I HAVE USED ALL] here is my review

I have tried out and used 4 of the biggest hosting companies out there – Dreamhost, Bluehost, Media Temple, and HostGator. From my experience there seems to be a huge difference in what you get for what you spend. In this video I discuss what I liked and didn’t like about each of these webhosting companies and do a quick review of each of them.

So if you don’t have webhosting yet, I would say save yourself the headache and go with Bluehost
Video Transcription:

I just want to talk to a minute about web
hosting and give you a little of my experience and what I’ve learned from
the hosts that I’ve tried out.

First off, I started with, Dreamhost, when I first started this blog back
in 2007, and they were fine for me to start, I knew a whole bunch of people
who were using them. So I decided if everybody else is using them, I will
give them a try. And I really didn’t have a problem with them, they were
bad. But, the thing that really frustrated me was that I couldn’t call them
when I had a problem. The site went down, I couldn’t call them, I had to e-
mail them or put in a support ticket, and I never knew what I was going to
hear back, never knew when my site was going to be back up. They would
respond a couple of hours later, on a good day. That became a little bit
too, I just couldn’t deal with that anymore once I started getting to the
point where I was really depending on the income from this website. So,
about the time I was going out this full-time, I moved to Media Temple.
They are much more of an expensive hosting company, they offer better
service, you can call them. The hosting packages are better, a bit more
elaborate. And you can call them if you have a problem. So that was nice,
that was a great extra benefit for me, that I could call these guys when I
was having an issue.

The downside is I feel like they’ve taken a turn for the worse over the
last couple of years. When I first started with them, I could call them up
and I felt like I always had somebody on the line within just a few
minutes, maybe 5-10 minutes. max. My last, probably four or five calls to
them have taken 45 minutes to an hour before somebody would get online to
help me. And, that’s just not real good when your site might be down, or
acting crazy and you don’t really know why, or who to call for help. So,
for me that was really, and it still is a big frustration that I have with
them. I’m still currently hosting with Media Temple. But
mostly because I just haven’t gotten around to move them out. It becomes a
little bit of a bigger deal to switch hosts as things get larger.

So, shortly after I moved over to Media Temple, I found out about Blue
Host, which is another hosting company that’s on the lower end. They offer
hosting, for I believe about $7 a month. When I found that I thought that
this was a steal, because this is great they are about the same price as
DreamHost, offer about the same level of hosting package. But, they have
phone support. You can call them up and ask them questions, and all of my
interactions with their customer service were good, they were pretty
helpful. So I really like them and I was really recommending BlueHost to a
lot of people for a while, and I still do. I think they’re great host, and
I still have a lot of websites over at Blue Host. I do like them.

The only downside with them is they are not real scalable, they only really
have one size of hosting package. So, it’s great to start and it’s fine,
and even when your a medium-size blogger you’re fine. But, once you become
bigger intercity whole lot more traffic, I personally probably wouldn’t
feel comfortable having mine hosting with Blue Host at that point. And that
leads me to HostGator, which I’m really liking them a lot. They are
currently the one that I am recommending the most. The reason being they
are one of the cheaper hosts out there, and at the same time I think they
offer better service than Media Temple. It’s cheapest for four bucks a
month you can be hosting with them and getting better service then you are
at Media Temple. By the way, I am paying $200 a month to host at Media
Temple for my hosting package right now.

And the kicker for me was that, and I had a day where I called Media Temple
and waited 45 minutes on hold to get somebody. And then a day later I
called Host Gator and within 30 seconds someone answered the phone to help
me. There is little bit of an issue there, that I’m paying $200 a month and
waiting 45 minutes for somebody to answer, and $4 a month at the other
place in her getting someone to answer within less than a minute.

And honestly, I’ve dealt with Bluehost with their customer service team
via chat and on the phone, probably close to 10 times now, and every single
time there’s been a good experience.

tham wai choong

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