Bluehost WordPress Share Hosting Tutorial and Review

not reliable! Website has been going down everyday. loosing emails. tech sucks. they have no idea what is going on or when it will be fixed. they did remind me of the tos and that they dont have refunds.

Instead of just giving a review, I decided to include the tutorial on how to set up a WordPress website in Bluehost WordPress share hosting. This will give a fair review to Bluehost hosting because of emotional mumbling complaining about how bad Bluehost service won’t help anyone.

As you see in the Video, WordPress website set up using both DNS record and A record run smooth. The staging function works well although its in Beta stage. The cache function needs to improve if we compare with premium cache plug-in. The email set up also works well.

Highly recommended for new blogger because it’s easy to use. Reasonable price and it comes with important features such as staging and cache function.

Two Cents Ideal

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