Build a Business With Us! // WEEK 5 PROGRESS

I do not recommend. I had a very bad experience with #bluehost. Very nice environment and nice support, but if you have a bit more traffic or database activity, they will kick you out as they did it with me. Does not matter if you are “green” in all meters they are presenting you in the control panel. I was forced to migrate my website after get the “get out” message and it took me more than a week to put my website back online.

This is WEEK 5 of our Build a Business With Us! YouTube series.

Check out our website progress here:

Here are the products that we use and recommend:

Weekly stats:
Revenue: $0
Expenses: Expenses: $120 (Canva), $220 (for 3 years), Fiverr $55 = $395 TOTAL
Profit: -$395
Site traffic: Not sure
How many followers: 3 followers (We lost one!!)
How many hours per week we worked on it: 12 total
Total hours since launch: 76 hours
How many blog posts & other content, etc. we produced: 2
Total pieces of content since launch: 7
Educational videos we watched this week:
SEO Content Writing Tips For 2021 | How To Write Better Blogs

Thanks for your support! Leave us comments to tell us how to improve or share your own progress! Let’s help and support each other!

Alyssa & Tara

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