stay awake from #Ipage – i had nothing but embarrassment to my customers and stressful time dealing with #Ipage. 1 out of 100 that i rated them is not what they actually deserve. I would never use or recommend them to anybody. They have a security dpt that scans your account. According to their way of thinking, even if you have a picture that is attached to a product your ecommerce site offers, it is considered a suspicious file and they force you to delete it. The worst part is that they suspend your website and keep it suspended until these files are removed. You may have an important website running, an ecommerce store with high traffic like mine, or a blog that needs to be constantly up and running with content for your viewers to read. With #Ipage, there is no guarantees. They will suspend your account like they keep doing mine on an average one or two times a month and stay suspended even after you submit a request upon deleting these files recommended. STAY AWAY FROM #IPAGE. Eddie, Canada,

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Tahun ini adalah tahun dimana Guru ditutut kreatif untuk mendidik anak muridnya
dikarenakan adanya pandemi covid19 atau virus corona
maka guru dituntut untuk bisa memanfaatkan internet dengan sebaik-baiknya.

Nah disini saya akan sharing bagaimana caranya untuk membuat
website ujian online tanpa mikirin coding php , html, mysql, tinggal upload cms ke hosting
koneksikan dengan database maka website ujian online siap digunakan.

Disini kita memakai cms yang sudah jd, cms ujianonline
Fitur CMS ujian online
1. ujian dengan pilihan ganda
2. auto skoring nilai siswa
3. panel admin untuk menambah soal dan menghapus soal.
4. Melihat rangking nilai dari user
5. melihat dan menghapus user

Ingin mendownload cms ujian online diatas? link downloadnya ada di dalam video ya
Jadi simak baik-baik vidio lengkapnya yah jangan di skip2 biar informasi yang kalian dapat tidak setengah2…

bantu dukung Chanel aku dengan cara
jika kalian suka dan
like share video ini ke temen kalian

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silahkan kalian bisa DM jika ada yang ditanyakan

terimakasih see you next video


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