Change DNS A record on HostGator for WPEngine domain

discontinuing of services, they have charged my credit card for both (they make it impossible to cancel online). Last December, since I couldn’t get them to refund me the amount charged, I requested that they at least remove me from the recurring charge plan so it wouldn’t happen again. Based on an email from them, I figured out that apparently they didn’t cancel the recurring charge, so I called again this year and asked that everything be cancelled. Then I received another email asking me to respond whether I wanted to cancel the domain name, too. I responded to the email saying, yes, please cancel everything. Still, I was charged for both!! These guys are either crooks or just incredibly incompetent!! #HOSTGATORSUCKS

If you are setting up a real estate website using WordPress at WPEngine and you need to change your DNS settings on your domain at HostGator, this shows you how to quickly add the IP number of your WP Engine account.


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