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Chocolate Sheet cake with strawberries, oreo, orange chocolate and plain chocolate ganache. Perfect for hosting BBQs or large dinner parties! And super easy!

For the cake:
2 Betty Crocker Devil’s Food cake mix
6 eggs
240 ml Vegetable oil
460 ml Water

For Ganache:
900 gm Good quality dark cooking chocolate (Lindt works well)
600 ml Heavy cream
1 Tbsp Vanilla extract

For filling:
150 ml Whipping cream
1 Tsp Icing sugar
1 Pack Strawberries
1 pack Oreos
1 Orange Zest
1 Tsp Orange juice/extract

1. Making the base chocolate cake. Mix the oil, water and eggs as per the ingredients on the box. Add one egg at a time so it gets well incorporated. Place this batter on a large baking tray lined and greased. Bake it in a preheated oven at 180 C. Check in on this after 25 minutes since this cooks quicker due to lesser depth
2. Let the cake cool completely. Take 150 ml whipped cream and add a little icing sugar to it while whipping. Divide in equal halves and ass strawberries to one half and finely powdered oreo to the other
3. Now make the chocolate ganache. Take 900 gm of dark good quality chocolate (Lindt cooking chocolate works wonders!). To this add 600 ml boiling heavy cream and let it sit for a minute so the cream melts the chocolate. Then start stirring to make the gorgeous ganache!
4. Zest one orange and add this to 1/8th of the chocolate ganache along with some orange extract or orange juice. Mix it well
5. Now measure up and divide the cake into small squares. Take a piping nozzle or small metal ring and make small holes in the centre of each piece. Scoop out the top but be careful to preserve this. Add the icing into the holes and cover up with the scooped up cake
6. Cover the whole cake with plain ganache. Measure up the squares again and cut the pieces with the help of a sharp knife. Make sure you marked the side to remember which filling went into which row and column!
7. Carry on by making swirls with the respective icing on top of the squares. To decorate and identify add orange slices, oreos and strawberries on top of the flavoured squares. Serves 30 people and such minimal hassle! Host away!

Music credits: Call the Shots by Slynk

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  • Bhairavi Shetty
    Posted at 02:48h, 22 July

    Such a great idea ! Thanks for putting it up !