Choose Hex Color / Not a Robot | Project Number 1 of 80 | HTML CSS JAVASCRIPT | Beginner to Advanced

month. IT NEVER WORKED. – I could not access CPanel and they asked me to verify myself by sending my credit card scan my photo ID – They asked me to explain why I signed up from one place and my registered address is another – The took 2 days, to get a reply “we have activated your account, it might take 5-10 minutes”, guess what, they did not do it. – Took me another 24 hours and still nothing, I called them (45 minute queue on the phone), they activated my account – I uploaded the website, couldn’t even get a single test HTML file to work at all. The chat support agent who couldn’t figure out whats wrong and logged a ticket for me – The ticket totally got abandoned for 2 days – I called and they suggest cancelling the account and recreate it – They said cancelling may take 72 hours, they will charge me for recreating it before considering refund request I HAVE HAD ENOUGH ! Sweekrith

HI, Welcome to web application development course.
In this course we will make 80 projects. This is the first project for this course. In this project user has been given a number and they have to choose the correct color in order to go to the next page. The project is similar to the captcha thingy in user is asked to choose a picture and if they choose the correct picture they can login or can go to the next page. It is made in Html, CSS, JavaScript and Bootstrap. We will be completing 80 projects in 2 months or even less and then we will start bootstrap projects. Further we will go to learn React using projects and then the entire MERN stack which means in almost 5-6 months you can master all the web development.
The project created is Not a hex color and one popular name which is used with this project is not a robot project.

Web development, Hosting and all the frameworks using which websites are created such as Wix, WordPress and all the remaining domains will be captured as soon as possible. In addition to that the hosting websites like hostinger, hostgator, GoDaddy and Bluehost all of these will be discussed as well.
We’ll further discuss Mobile application development as well as data science with project. Everything related to AI, Machine learning will also be discussed. The best animations which are created will also be discussed.



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    Explained perfectly without saying a single word.