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Thomas , CA – Also forced me into another year after I cancelled – They too forced me into another year after I called to cancel my renewal. They recently switched their servers and lost all of their agreements and automatically billed any expired domains. After 4 phone calls and 11 emails they told me “too bad, read the terms of service”. Terrible customer service, will not own up to their mistakes and nickle and dime every account they have. Stay away.

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Co-hosts of the Think Like a Producer podcast, Tiff Tyler and Christine Baird are the co-workers who became friends as we’ve filmed, edited, and produced multiple top influencer podcasts over the past 5 years. We met in the studio while working on Lewis Howes’ top-ranked self-development podcast, the School of Greatness, growing it from less than 1 million downloads to over 80 million downloads just 4 years later — and a YouTube channel that now has 1 million subscribers. We’ve since worked with dozens of influencer brands to launch high-quality podcasts and YouTube channels and build sustainable content marketing strategies for our clients.
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