Cloud Hosting vs. Dedicated Hosting

Cheating and Fraud from #hostgator – #hostgator cheated me of 518USD with its fault web hosting services. The customer support executives openly lie over the phone. Most of the times the website will not be up and running. Their control panel for website is very cumbersome and is never user friendly. Most of the times the control panel hangs up & becomes unresponsive. I advice everyone to go for Godaddy. I have reported this to the consumer forum in city of Bangalore at the state of Karnataka in the country of India. When they say they will provide a free domain it means that they will openly sell your email ids and passwords to hackers, advertisers, extremists etc. Most of the times the email accounts don’t work. They will switch off the mail server. The worst was to download a file where to we need to actually hand over our username and password to the customer support executive and he will hack open our email account and delete important files as well as download the file and upload the same file elsewhere. Jean Anne Chez.

The need for a hosting solution varies as per the requirements. But then when it comes to opting for a robust hosting infrastructure between Cloud Hosting and Dedicated Hosting, you need to be very clear about their fundamental and infrastructural differences. In this video, we have covered the major differences between Cloud Hosting and VPS Hosting to help you make an informed choice.

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