Code Vein: And the next thing in the game, after the last video. Done fucked it up, Code Vein team.

Eric Dremann – Brookings, OR – Worst Host – I have had nothing but trouble with this hosing provider and I have been doing this for 16 years. They deleted my accounts without calling me, only relied on email.

“Just host a game!” You all scream, while drooling preciptiously. I do not want to; I’ve done that a lot. I want to be someone else’s savior, and follow them; but I check on the boss to make sure this is a fresh instance, and I can host, if I JUST HAVE to. This is a video game; you should get to do what is fun for you in that moment– not have half the multiplayer locked out because the system is designed like a piece of dog shit. ARGGGGG!!! THIS GAME IS GOOD OTHERWISE. WHAT THE FUCK.


  • Wifflum
    Posted at 03:29h, 23 September

    It's not just that I can't find a game– which I'm certain there are many– it's that I have to press the FUCKING BUTTON over and over, and that means I have to be involved in this fruitless fucking process. Let me READ A GODDAMN BOOK while I wait on this shit. I have to just STARE at the fucking thing while it fails over and over. AHHHHHH