Come Dine With Me 22 September 2018 in South London Ep (1-5)

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Come Dine With Me 22 September 2018 in South London Ep (1-5)

Ep. 1:
This competition comes from south London, where first to host is divorce lawyer Michelle Camacho, who plans a 1970s menu including duck a l’orange and ‘psychedelic coleslaw’, groovy veg, and bloody Mary sorbet. Her guests are Licia Snow, trainee solicitor Raphael Steele, bar manager Matt Wren and Swedish financial adviser Charlotte Sundberg.

Ep. 2:
It’s day two in south London and pub manager and artist Matt Wren struggles with disasters in the kitchen. And while Michelle and Licia spat, Raphael Steele finds himself charmed by Charlotte.

Ep. 3:
Print manager and live wire Licia Snow is third to host in this competition in south London. Licia plans a laid-back evening with a few rustic and homely touches. But there’s small chance of this given the way she and Michelle bicker.

Ep. 4:
Fourth to host in south London is Raphael Steele. It’s Raphael’s first-ever dinner party and he plans some ackee, saltfish, curried goat, and a few other Caribbean favourites based on old family recipes, plus some steelpan music for entertainment.

Ep. 5:
Last to host in south London is Swedish businesswoman Charlotte Sundberg, who reckons a night of schnapps, Swedish folk singing and some classic Swedish cuisine might just win her the prize.

Ihifamori Apopemadi

  • Maureen Holmes
    Posted at 22:54h, 22 September

    Charlotte has Marilyn Monroe eyes.

  • Diane Reese
    Posted at 04:08h, 23 September

    Good show! They were all good! Thank-you for uploading these for us. Is there any chance of doing Four In A Bed? I can't find that show anywhere!

  • The Velvet Lounge
    Posted at 04:19h, 23 September

    zSad, David Bowie is dead but happy he was mentioned in the episode. WAIT dude touched the pee filled toilet AND the food appliance in the toilet too, freaky GROSS as F. Swedish lady is so pretty, cool voice. Matt, nice but still eeeeeeewwwww with the food handling. The UK loves pudding!!! Why not cakes, cookies, pies, sherbet, gelato…

  • Buttsy Bobcat
    Posted at 03:55h, 29 September

    I don't know where Licia got the idea that Raphael sounds American..