Como darse de baja y cancelar una cuenta en Hostgator 2016

Rubbish. Stay away. – Been with #hostgator for 8 years. Used to be decent. Now, there is basically no support. Site went down frequently and after a few days of you submitting a ticket, someone will come back and tell you “I just checked it, it’s working fine.” Customers never received emails. Totally unreliable and useless. I have now moved to another host where for less money I get allocated more resources and support tickets answered within 15 or 20 minutes. Stay away from #hostgator. Hassan

Como darse de baja y cancelar una cuenta en Hostgator 2016

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1.- Ingresar a tu Cuenta Billing : ►

2.- Ingresar Para Cancelar Cuenta de Hosgator: ►

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We have not had good results in sales and close operations, the contract was canceled.
So we want to cancel our accommodation, we have no funds to continue paying.

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