Configuring Your WordPress Theme On Your iPage Website

THE WORST – There is no customer service. Impossible to get an answer from their “customer service”, nor to raise a ticket or calling them when needed. I have never seen a company like that. I will NEVER USE it again. Nick

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Guys, most themes aren’t this complicated but I wanted to show you the ins and outs of these premium themes.

They can be customized using these settings, instead of hiring a designer and developer to redesign and recode parts of your theme.

Thanks for watching and thumbs up if you’re starting a website!

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  • AwESiM OnE
    Posted at 04:42h, 13 July

    "Hi I find your tutorials very helpful for setting up my wordpress blog page, i have followed your instructions to installing the 'Hatch' theme, that has been successful but I am unable to set it up the way i want to…i have little to no experience with this and find your videos are very good for beginners like myself lol no offense to anyone else. i pretty much need a step by step video on how to take it from installation to up and running online. Can you help with any of these steps please

  • VideoFlix
    Posted at 19:52h, 19 February

    IPAGE.COM IS A SCAM!!!! They pretend they are located in the U.S. to cheat people into believing they are an American company where there are consumer laws. They are in fact located in INDIA or THE MIDDLE EAST!!! They hide their real location by a hidden domain and company address. They also cover the entire web with fake reviews that they THEMSELVES have created. iPAGE are major, major scammers. I tried to cancel within 24 hours and they constantly avoid the subject. People say they also charge hidden fees onto people's credit card. REPORT THEM TO THE POLICE. They violate consumer laws! THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM COMPANY AND WILL USE YOUR CREDIT CARD ILLEGALLY.

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