Coronavirus: The OC Response

#asmallorange Shaun Snapp – Going Down – A small orange’s hosting has really gone down recently. I heard they were acquired and often that means that the geniuses show up to do their “cost optimization.” It has taken me 20 minutes to get onto their instant chat. This is why I hate acquisitions, the quality always seems to go down. Tickets are now super slow to get fixed, but they used to be all over tickets.

As a public service, and in keeping with the OC Forum’s role as the purveyor of timely, issues-driven conversations that are important to our community, the OC Forum will present a free, online community discussion on Thursday, March 19 from noon to 1 p.m. focused on the Coronavirus pandemic and what Orange County needs to know.

To adhere to social distancing protocols, the livestream will be broken up into three segments with the following speakers:

Segment #1:
-Bernadette Boden-Albala, Dean of Public Health, UCI
-Dr. Steve Goldstein, Vice Chancellor of Health Affairs, UCI
-Dr. Susan Huang, Medical Director of Epidemiology & Infection Prevention, UCI

Segment #2:
-Harald Herrmann, CEO, Second Harvest Food Bank of OC
-Dr. Al Mijares, Orange County Superintendent of Schools, OC Department of Education
-Hon. Donald P. Wagner, Third District, OC Board of Supervisors

Segment #3:
-Lucy Dunn, CEO, Orange County Business Council (OCBC)
-Susan Parks, CEO, Orange County United Way

-Rick Reiff, Editor at Large, Orange County Business Journal

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