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CPA Freebooter Review: – CPA Freebooter is a step by step video training along with PDF’s and Guides where we reveal the EXACT systems used by us to build a $9k+ per month CPA revenue.


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The over the shoulder video training covers everything a NEWBIE needs to get started quick and scale the CPA earnings from $50/day to $300/day within few weeks.

Inside, CPA Freebooter you’ll discover Two traffic systems:

#1. CPA with Bing Ads
#2. CPA with Google Adwords

CPA Freebooter Upsells and OTO’s:

Front End ($27) Product is step by step video training along with PDF’s and Guides where we reveal the EXACT systems used by us to build a $9k+ per month CPA revenue.

Once the launch ends, we will bump it to $47.

Upsell #1 ($37) is Pack of 10 Done For You Campaigns
DS #1 ($27) 5 Done for you Campaigns

Upsell #2 ($27) is Pack of 5 Video Case Studies
Ds #2 ($17) Pack of 2 Video Case Studies

Upsell #3 ($97) is FB Group Coaching Q&A Sessions (+ Many Other Coaching Courses and Training )
DS #3 ($47) FB Group Coaching Without Inner Circle Access.

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