Creating A Style Guide From Scratch (Real Example)

larry , NC USA – Poor support – Permissions off after FTPing a file. Support insisted it was a scripting problem. Told me “We do not support scripts” and terminated the call. Copied a site that has been running on #Justhost for two years to a new domain. Cron did not work on new domain. Support dismissed me with “We do not support cron, consult your systems administrator”. You get what you pay for.

Learn how to create a style guide to ensure consistency in how the brand looks.

Go beyond delivering just logo files—create a comprehensive brand guidelines.

Creating A Style Guide in 5 Steps:
1. Choose Your Medium — 2:50
2. Make An Outline — 4:01
3 .Flesh Out The Content — 6:14
4. Include Example Applications — 8:09
5. Provide Brand Assets — 9:27

In this video, I show you how to put together your brand style guide in just 5 easy steps.

By the end of this video, you’ll get an overview of how I create style guides for my clients.

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